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Chris, I wanted to offer some feedback on Carol Maycock in regards to today's Save a Back training.

The DDC team thoroughly enjoyed her comprehensive presentation, energy level, knowledge, wit, and passion. She was a wealth of information and answered all of our questions with authority. The team barely recognized we ran long as the environment for learning she created made the time pass by quickly. It was a great refresher for me and I recognized at least a half dozen opportunities/programs I will be speaking to the safety team about implementing. Personally, I would highly recommend Carol to any organization interested in saving a back.

Thank you,

Michael R Smith
Manager, Navistar Defense DC Louisville, KY

We were so pleased with the classes that SAVE A BACK did for us in 2004 that we are now scheduling classes for 2008. Many of the employees have stated that they are excited about the education they received from SAVE A BACK.

hal logo District Superintendent, Duncan, OK
SAVE A BACK is the single most well received educational program our employees have ever had. "It has changed our employees behavior and awareness". We have personally gone through 1,200 out 3,500 employee program evaluation forms and no one had a negative comment.
hal logo Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Houston, TX
The whole course was very educational and taught very well. Knowledgable instructor. Learning some excercises that were simple and everyday practical. I thought this would be a joke - but I found it to be educational and practical. Useful for everyday work. Thank you.

A division of a major manufacturer conducted a survey of SAVE A BACK clients and found that all of the companies they spoke with reported at least a 60% reduction in worker's compensation costs. Some had a savings as high as 90%.

hal logo General Electric
"Very good to have a physical therapist, much more believable and helpful than just an instructor with no medical training."
Electronics Employee
"We spent an average $170,000 per year on back injuries over a three year period. After SAVE A BACK it was reduced to $18,000 and we cut our lost work days by 85%."
A Southwestern Utility Company
"The response was tremendous! This came from guys who aren't used to sitting around for four hours. There was a lot of skepticism and some of them said they really didn't want to be here, but after the classes they said they were sure glad they came."
2 years later....
"Our drivers asked us to bring SAVE A BACK back for refresher training. Over two years we have cut our back injuries and costs by 50 percent plus. This is a program where we have really seen a return on our investment."
Fleet Safety Manager, Topeka, KS
"SAVE A BACK is the best program for the training of personal body mechanics."
Natural Gas Operations
"The most worthwhile program I have ever been to! This was great! Why haven't we had this sooner?"
Smelter Employee, WA
"In one year lifting injuries fell 62%, total body mechanic incidents dropped 92%, with 72% direct cost savings."
Loss Control Manager
"I have never before had anyone say anything positive after the fact about any training we have done. Everyone loved the SAVE A BACK class. Everyone had positive things to say."
Yale Central Power Plant, New Haven, CT
"The material was thorough and comprehensive, clear and concise. It was a refreshing way to spend four hours, a presentation that leaves a strong impression."
Kraft Foods, New York, NY
"I wish I'd seen this class before I had hurt my back and had to have two surgeries. The outlook you come away with is really a cultural change in thinking about your back and neck. We know more, we can do more and we can see positive results."
Location Manager, major international elevator company
"I've been through other back programs before. This is the best I've ever seen. Your instructor was just a 'ball of fire'. We were extremely pleased with the response."
Corporate Safety Manager, Alabama Gas Co., Montgomery, AL

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Here is a recap of our save a back. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I found this course easy to understand: YES – All   NO – 0   no answer - 1
I think this course will help me prevent injury: At home- 3   At work – 4   At Play – 0   All the Previous- 147
I feel other employees should participate in this class: YES - All

-- Distributing company in VA

What was the most interesting part of the program?
“All of the demonstrations – Interacting helps people pay attention”
“How to take care of your back and neck”
“The right way to lift things” X 3
“Ways to stretch” X 2
“explanation of the back and what affects it”
“everything” X 3
“Too long”
“Slipped disk”
“Anatomy” X 5
“How to prevent injury”
“How the back works” X 2
“the stretching” “Learning how to stretch properly” X 3
“Prevention exercises” X 2
“what causes back pain”
“Learning parts of the back, how you should lift, How to exercise and prevent injuries” X 2
“Exercise” X 3
“In such a complex technological world, simple exercise is the best fix for a hurt back”
“Class interaction”
“Vanilla Pudding” X 4
“How we could fix back pain for ourselves” X 2
“Study and education of the spinal cord”
“I learned that there is no such thing as a slipped disk” X 2
“Physical fitness, vanilla pudding, nerves”
“Disk dissection”
“Learning all of the stretches to help strengthen and heal”
‘All the little jokes”
“Anatomy and mechanics of the back and back injuries”
“Learning about the anatomy and how people actually injure their backs”
“All the new positions”
“The demos”
“Learning about the spine”
“Weight distribution throughout the vertebra”
“Visual elements really show back movement and what happens”
“The teacher”
“How to prevent and relieve back pain”
“All of it” X 5
“Simple stretching techniques can save a back”
“The instructor” X 5

Attendee Testimonials

The people whom have attended the SAVE A BACK classes also have a few things to say about their experience in a class. Below are comments that were written after attending a SAVE A BACK program:

"You have such a good program. I can't tell you how much it has helped me!"
Employee, Propane Distributor, VA
"It is without question something that will help me."
"I found the entire class interesting."
"Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Great course."
"A down to earth rational explanation of why back pain exists and more importantly, how to prevent it."
"How easy it is to prevent back injury."
"The instructor took a subject that could have been dull and boring and made it very interesting."
"Good clear info, Great topic, Best instructor ever!"
Nuclear Plant employees in Oak Harbor, Ohio
"Your class really opened some people's eyes to the fact that there just might be some things out there that they never realized existed before."
Gas utility worker, Kinder Morgan, WY
"Understanding how the back works" - instructor "gave a great presentation"
"The knowledge you gain about the anatomy helps you grasp everything else."
"The whole course-very good."
"It was all interesting I learned a lot."
"It was all interesting, the instructors gestures showing all the positions she instructed us about, greatly assisted in my understanding."
Bottling Company employees in Northwestern U.S.
"Classes like this need to be given more often."
"Very interesting class, the knowledge gained will be spread to my family. Thank you!!"
"Been at this company 26 years. Best program ever."
"We should have had this course 35 years ago!!!!!"
"The course was given in an entertaining way."
"I found the entire program to be very informative. I intend to share this with others. The instructor was excellent."
"Very good program. All employees should go thru this program."
"Fantastic program."
"I have had back problems on and off. Found this program very informative and will pass this on to my wife and others. Good job by instructor."
"Great education for anybody!"
"This meeting was very helpful. I learned things that I didn’t know. I'll think twice before running to the doctor. I will do the exercises more."
"The instructor was a great presenter. She made it fun and easy to understand."
Line Mechanics in Columbus, Ohio
"I attended the class several weeks ago and found it incredibly helpful. I have dramatically improved my posture and cut down on the frequent neck pain that I have been experiencing. This is a very good class, and teaches much more than lifting techniques. I strongly feel that anyone that has a neck or back should attend this class."

Employee, BES, Mt Hood, WA

I’ve used SAVE A BACK for 20 years. Over that time I’ve used a number of excellent safety programs for various purposes. None has ever had the positive impact that SAVE A BACK has had. I still have the charts to prove it.

EHS Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical

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