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From Clients Who Used SAVE A BACK

“I wanted to report that our classes were so very well received. Everyone enjoyed Mike, the instructor. So many people thought the information was great, but they really thought Mike was a terrific presenter. Everyone I have talked to has said that it was well worth their time on a Saturday. I have never seen such a bunch of positive evaluations!” GLS Composites, McHenry, IL

“That SAVE A BACK training was the best thing since they invented the shirt pocket! The instructor was an exceptional educator. Leslie was very organized, extremely entertaining, knowledgeable, to the point and enthusiastic in her presentation. Thank you.” Homer Electric Assn., Inc. Homer, AK

“We had a tremendous response to the training. I’m hearing a lot of positive comments I’m not used to hearing.” Entergy River Bend Nuclear Power Plant, St. Francisville, LA

“Oconee Maintenance had the initial SAVE A BACK training in 1999. During the sessions it was revealed that over half (almost ¾) of the Maintenance Group had experienced some back pain while working and there were many that experienced pain on a regular basis. Maintenance technicians started seeing and feeling immediate results from the training.

The instructor took time between each session to discuss back pain problems that the technicians were having and the results were almost unbelievable. In the next week I heard so many comments on how using the program actually stopped back pain in dozens of technicians and their spouses (in one week). Several technicians had been through 2 and 3 back surgeries and still were in pain, but after going through the training and using the recommended exercises have been relatively pain free for 2 years. Everyone that attended this training had positive feedback.

They actually found this training interesting and entertaining. As part of the continuing training, SAVE A BACK sent us a refresher video in 2000. We had it put in the maintenance technicians DACT so everyone saw it. In August, 2002 all of Maintenance will go through SAVE A BACK II refresher training.” UPDATE 7/14/04: “We’ve had no back injuries since we last had refresher training 2 years ago. We will plan to have SAVE A BACK III training in 2005.” Duke Power Oconee Nuclear Station, Seneca, SC

”Just wanted to say that the SAVE A BACK class was very beneficial and informative. It can change your life! The instructor was professional, entertaining, educated, experienced and gave an outstanding brief. Would recommend this course to everyone who has a back! For the organization, if leadership emphasizes participation, the organization would save thousands of dollars in the way of lost time and productivity due to employee back problems.” California Army National Guard, Camp Roberts, CA

“We’ve had no back injuries in Moline or Peoria in the 19 months since training. I know it sure has made a difference in my life! I’ve had a lot of back problems, and it definitely helps. I do your exercises religiously every day. I talked to my chiropractor about it and he thinks it is an excellent idea.” Kone Elevator, Moline and Peoria, IL

“This SAVE A BACK class was absolutely the best class I ever sat through. Our employees are just raving about it! At least 10 people have come to me and said they have already started doing the exercises at home, and that they really appreciate the company putting on this training for them. Several supervisors have said they already see their guys using the new lifting technique. Your instructor was the best presenter I’ve ever seen!” Human Resources Manager, LINPAC Material Handling, Georgetown and Bardstown, KY

“Thank you so much for agreeing to educate our employees on how to eliminate back injuries and care for our backs. None of us could imagine how anyone could possibly talk about our backs for four hours, but the time went so fast, and truthfully, we were not ready for you to leave after four hours. I have received many good comments on your presentation and know that our staff was very appreciative of the information and techniques you shared with us.” US Dept. Of Energy Western Area Power Administration, Watertown, SD

“Back injuries used to be 25% of our injury statistics. We have not had a single back injury since SAVE A BACK training (3 years).” First Energy, R.E. Burger Power Station, Shadyside, OH

“No back injuries since we trained in 2001 (as of January, 2006).” EOG Resources, Houston, TX

“We have used SAVE A BACK and have seen a dramatic reduction in back injures.” Ohio Edison Davis Bessie Nuclear Plant, Oak Harbor, OH

"When you look at what you guys come in here and do, what you’ve done for others in the industry, your services are cheap. If you prevent one serious injury for us it would pay for training the entire site.” Progress Energy Crystal River Nuclear Plant, Crystal River, FL

“SAVE A BACK is an excellent program--I highly recommend it.” Environmental Health and Safety, Kinder Morgan, Inc. Denver, CO

“I have to say, our results have been miraculous! We were averaging three back injuries per month in our warehouse operations. Since SAVE A BACK training we have not had a one. I want to get your training to our other warehouses as soon as possible.” ACE World Wide, Inc.

"In the Columbus area in 2000 we had 33 back strains/sprains. In 2001 after SAVE A BACK, we had 8. In 2002 we had 7. In the distribution system outside Columbus, among 594 employees we had zero back strains/sprains in 2002. We haven’t had a back sprain or strain since (2004). We start with your exercises every day." American Electric Power, Power Distribution, Columbus, OH

76 % reduction in 2001 79 % reduction in 2002—Zero back injuries in the following two years. “Back Injuries used to total 25% of all our injuries. We didn’t have even one in our first year after SAVE A BACK training (2002). The guys still talk about it and tell me they still use the exercises.” A new round of training was completed in February, 2007. American Electric Power, Cardinal Generating Plant, Brilliant, OH

“Your program was received very well. I can’t think of any back injuries we’ve had in the meter department in the past year.” American Electric Power, Columbia Center Facility, Gahanna, OH

“Only 1 back injury in the region in the 3 years since SAVE A BACK training.” American Electric Power, Distribution, WV, KY, VA, TN

“We’ve had no back injuries among those trained. Our people came out of this class with a whole new idea about back safety. The best training we’ve ever had.” American Electric Power, Ashland, KY

“Someone brought up SAVE A BACK in our last safety meeting, and everyone in our branch office agreed that SAVE A BACK has changed their lives. We still do your exercises every day.” ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Birmingham, AL

"My guys can be pretty brutal, and they were all grumbling about going to a half-day safety class. Your instructor did a fantastic job of getting them involved, and when they went out, to a man, they were talking about what a great class she put on. You know, most of their training is videos and so on, and you can sure see the difference it makes to have someone of your instructor’s caliber put on a live class.” Kone, Inc. Eagan, MN

“A little feedback for you-- I was very impressed. The class was unlike anything I had ever seen before. My wife sat in on your class. She hurt her back a year ago shoveling snow and has had back pain since, with pains shooting down her leg. She’d been seeing an orthopedic surgeon. Your instructor showed her a couple of simple exercises, and after two weeks she is pain free! Thanks so much!” Monticello Nuclear Plant, Monticello, MN

“Seems like we’ve always had a few nagging back problems, but since the SAVE A BACK training (18 months), we haven’t had a one.” Kone Elevator Co., Sioux Falls, SD

“A lot of the safety training we get is a lot of fluff. This SAVE A BACK is something we really use. It’s been several years since SAVE A BACK was here, but we still talk about it and use it.” Williams Gas, Ragley, LA

“Training at Halliburton is usually boring and long. It is very hard, especially after lunch, to sit down and actually pay attention to any type of training. I was not looking forward to any type of training and for the life of me could not understand why SAVE A BACK training would take four hours out of my busy schedule. Before the training all everyone talked about was, ‘Why four hours for back training, man that sounds excessive.’

Now that I have gone through the course, I have a new understanding and I’m glad I attended. Carol, your speaker, is truly very good at what she does. Everyone enjoyed her funny, witty personality. I’d love to have a next- door neighbor like her. Carol has a unique ability to get everyone attending involved and asking questions. The training was great, but I would attend again just for the laughs.” Halliburton Corp., Alice, TX

“What a superb, life changing presentation! Carol Maycock kept the whole class all pumped up for the entire four hours. I wish that my entire family and all my friends could have the opportunity to attend SAVE A BACK.” American Electric Power

“Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the class last Friday. It was the best presentation and demonstration I have ever seen on the human back. All the people I have talked to here thought the program and the instructor were the greatest. Thank you from the Plastics Unit.” Bayer Material Science, LLC

“Everyone I've talked to has agreed that the SAVE A BACK training was excellent and very worth while. One person will be sending your contact info on to where he used to work so they can contact you. Thanks again for the training and please pass on kudos from us to Mike for a job well done!” Western Area Power Administration, Casper, WY

“We have used SAVE A BACK and have seen a dramatic reduction in back injures.” Ohio Edison Davis Besse Nuclear Station

“We’ve tried a number of different programs, but we just can’t find a program like SAVE A BACK here in Canada.” Southwire Canada

“Before the training some of the local managers expressed concerns about the time involved. Some were saying “Do we have to do this?” When it was finished everyone had big smiles on their faces. The response has been outstandingly positive.” Otis Elevator Canada

“Back injuries used to be 90% of our recordables. Since SAVE A BACK training, we haven’t had any!” Kone Elevator, Denver, CO

“Excellent practical information. Our folks are doing stretches and exercises.” National Park Service, Washington, DC

“Wow! We were thrilled! Claudia had a tough crowd laughing and enjoying the class. Some say they are already doing the exercises. Nothing but good things to say. Awesome class, awesome instructor.” Otis Elevator, Raleigh, NC

“After the class two of the guys came up and thanked me for having SAVE A BACK in. They loved the class and the instructor and were very enthusiastic. Now that’s something that’s never happened before!” Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams)

“I took your course as an EXXON employee when SAVE A BACK first started and after sitting through the four hour class, I was so impressed with the information, I asked to go back through the class with my wife (which I did). I had been suffering for about two years with a lower back injury incurred in a three-wheeler accident, and after just two weeks of using the information taught, the pain disappeared.

I still have the disc damage, but my back never causes me any problems thanks to the information you gave us. I'm 64 years old now and extremely physically active and do a lot of physical work... and the main technique which I think helps me, is keeping my lower back arched in at all times, seated or standing, which I do religiously. I've told many people that your course was the best thing that EXXON ever did for us as employees.” Baton Rouge, LA.

When I got ready to leave I noticed your bible on the table, and in meeting your instructors on your home page for SAVE A BACK I read where you are also a pastor, which I am sure that you are equally as good a teacher of God’s Word as you are for SAVE A BACK. May God bless you and your family so that you can continue to help others in both your teaching for God and man. God Bless!” Clarence, Iowa

“I got a lot out of the physiology explanation of the back. This course and material has provided me with information I can use to help my wife with her lower back pain, and help my son in sports.”

The most interesting part was learning the fundamentals of how the spine works and where stresses are introduced at various postures. Very informative and helpful course, best I’ve ever experienced.”

The instructor kept the class fun and easy to understand. Very motivating. I would expect this class to help everyone in some way to improve their health. I thought it would be boring. Obviously I was pleasantly surprised.

The most interesting parts of the class were posture and the flexibility exercises. I was originally hesitant to participate in this class. I thought “What could they possibly teach me about back safety?” Well, I learned a lot from this class and am glad I attended!”

I enjoyed the anatomy. Knowing how things work helps to know how to treat it.

The course was great. Really interesting material and presented in a way that didn’t leave me bored. Thank you!

“I want to thank you, Mike, for your presentation of SAVE A BACK. With what I learned today I feel very confident that I will be able to get rid of a lot of my back pain. Your program was very informative on the anatomy of our backs and why we have problems with them and what we can do to eliminate back pain! You kept the interest up throughout the entire presentation for all our employees, which was amazing! I have worked for 38 years at the feed plant, and I can honestly say that I learned more today that will protect my back health than all the other trainings combined. I have been to chiropractors and physical therapists many times, and they have never given me the information I needed to improve my back health. I will beat my back problems now that I know what I needed to know to accomplish it! Thank you!

“I had lower back problems for years…lower back pain, leading to upper back and shoulder pain and stiff necks. It came and went for no reason, it seemed. Stiff necks were on a regular schedule and came at the best times, like when I went on vacations!! I visited the chiropractor once a month. And sometimes I went to the doctor for muscle relaxants. Was once off work for a week, and had to crawl up my basement steps, and it took me an hour to get on my knees to do that.

I went to one of your classes at Owens Corning in Granville, OH…have been faithfully doing the stretches for 1 ½ years and I can say back pain is now gone. I have not seen a chiropractor for over a year. No more stiff necks, either. My wife does them too, and it has helped her as well. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great program and making my life better. So THANKS!!!!!

More Comments

“Made it entertaining”
“Give this man a raise, he know his stuff”
“Great class, funny, understanding, all around great job, everyone needs this class. One of the best classes given !!”
“Fun class”
“Very informative”
“The instructor was great by keeping the class alive and part of the program”
“Mike did a great job”
“Too Long” 11
“Long but very helpful and informative”
“Very satisfied with the program”
“The instructor was very captivating and informative” X 2
“Good trainer, has a good sense of humor and is pleasant to listen to”
“Good Trainer, very helpful”
“Loved it”
“Very interesting”
“Great job going over what we needed to know”
“Easy to understand and fun”
“Great presentation, inspired me to get healthier”
“Mike was awesome”
“Presentation could use some updating (regarding the PowerPoint) But information was presented in a knowledgeable & clear manner without being dry”
“Kept us very involved”
“Awesome instructor”
“Very grabbing course”
“Great information that everyone can use in their everyday life”
“Mike was a great instructor”
“Mike is an outstanding presenter, makes information fun, thank you”
“This course was very helpful”
“Knowing is half the battle”
“Knowledge is power”

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