The SAVE A BACK System

Unique Benefits Of Our System

On-Site Interactive Education available for immediate implementation

Obtainable results are initiated immediately within the first scheduled program. No financial investment in trainers is required. Extensive professional instruction is provided to all individuals regardless of their knowledge base. This results in reduction of costly minor or major injuries the same day the prevention program is implemented. SAVE A BACK instructors are injury prevention experts with over 200 years of combined teaching experience with actual work site employees.

Our initial four hour program provides on-site comprehensive back health and injury prevention education. This dynamic program creates enthusiasm and the motivation to change unhealthy behavior. SAVE A BACK uses an interactive multimedia approach to present a concise overview of safe material handling and effective movement strategies. Our main priority is to focus on identifying hazards, using safe techniques; applying successful solutions creates a culture of safety.

The elements covered include the following:

  • An overview on why our program is needed
  • Specifics of why they are at risk for injury
  • Background on the safe handling & movement program
  • Practice to enhance learning by all attendees.

Dynamic Certified Instructors

Instructors give great encouragement to creative employers who want to raise the standards, expectations and results for trusted employees. Our ongoing pursuit is that everyone benefits, which in turn strengthens the employee, the employer and the company.

All of our instructors are certified by SAVE A BACK to teach its educational program. They have degrees in physical therapy plus additional continuing educational and clinical experience. Each instructor completes a minimum of 600 hours of preparation before SAVE A BACK certification. They are experienced, skilled educators who have each presented a minimum of 500 SAVE A BACK educational classes.

Class Materials

In an ongoing effort to facilitate individual learning styles, a hardcopy guide of the presentation is included for each attendee of the program. Every student receives Class Notes, the SAVE A BACK handbook. Class Notes is an interactive booklet, which is provided as another resource to encourage participation during the program.

By allowing the attendees to "fill-in the blanks" with the information presented they solidify their learning experience. Included are photographs, explanations and exercises for proper care of the back, along with suggestions for a healthy nutrition program.

Attendees keep the Class Notes as a personal reference; a useful tool promoting long term benefits. This training resource tool is intended to develop and refresh knowledge as a readily available self-study exercise.

Flexibility and Personalization

We give to you the option to schedule your class depending on your specific work sift needs, which is critical to productivity. Production continues while a portion of employees attend the program to learn improved productivity techniques while others remain on the job. Production does not stop. Two classes can be taught effectively - any hour needed - each calendar day.

Personalization of your injury prevention program occurs at the work site when we match your company's job tasks, work environment, and special needs. Instructors are professionals in assessing physical needs. Visualizing the area of concern or describing the challenge creates a basis for the instructor to problem solve immediately on site with individuals involved.

In addition, incorporation of photos of your employees produces an effective visual presentation.

The role of SAVE A BACK is not static. It requires continued exposure to the new strategies to maintain safe work environments. Consequently, for twenty-four months following the initial program presentation, SAVE A BACK provides follow-up materials and resources available digitally to enhance the concepts taught in the program.

Refresher Programs

Additionally, ongoing biannual training is a must. Two-hour Refresher programs maintain and expanded impact. We strongly recommended that at every 18-24 month intervals, one of our two available formats are picked to satisfy employee and company needs.

Condensed refresher programs are available to those who have attended the initial SAVE A BACK program. Based on ongoing needs to maintain an effective prevention program, intervention is most applicable for those employees statistically at high-risk.

Multiple Language Programs

The SAVE A BACK class is available in English and Spanish.

If this looks like our injury prevention system would benefit your company, please contact us for a free review of your back safety training.

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