Goal of Education

Protecting Your Health

The goal of education is to teach people to handle complex and uncertain situations with confidence. SAVE A BACK believes in everyone's potential to learn. Successful education ought to propel people to want to learn more. When people learn about the care of their body through SAVE A BACK and are successful, they are encouraged to persevere in the effort to be healthy.

SAVE A BACK delivers an injury prevention service with a large network of experienced educators. They provide consistent expert-quality service to 5 countries in 3 languages and validate objective methods create desired results in the reduction of costly spinal and peripheral injuries.

Extensive education is combined with reproducible competency in various industrial arenas to produce successful results.

SAVE A BACK is education that concisely:

  • Develops the knowledge base of each student attendee
  • Encourages the participation of effective prevention techniques
  • Utilizes a scientific, research-based education model
  • Emphasizes proactive injury prevention in the culture
  • Supports all employees in engaging in a healthy life style
  • Confidently confronts the problems of daily living
  • Actively provides skills via collective wisdom and real application

Extensive professional instruction is provided to all individuals regardless of their knowledge base. SAVE A BACK instructors are injury prevention experts with over 200 years of combined teaching experience with actual work site employees.

Education is simply the key to injury prevention

SAVE A BACK instructors give great encouragement to creative employers who want to raise the standards, expectations and results for trusted employees. Our ongoing pursuit is that everyone benefits: strengthening the employee, the employer and the company or utility.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if every person had a life so blessed with ease that they thought taking out the trash was hard work? Sadly, this is not reality. Life is tough and repetitive. We are crippling our bodies with the immediate gratification of comfort instead of providing extensive movement we need to fight against the discomfort of age.

All bodies need exercise and a healthy diet to remain pain free. Limiting our movement for the sake of comfort is a downward slope to physical disability.

If you would like to improve your whole body health please contact us for a free review of your back safety training.

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