Unique Benefits Of Our Training Program

How Are You Going to Solve Your Back Injury Problem?

  • A back health and safety system proven to create results.

Workers across the US at a successful major elevator company report 50% less incidence, a 3:1 ROI, while twisting in cramped spaces to repair high technology equipment.

SAVE A BACK creates the motivation to use our skills effectively. Clients document 50%-90% less sprains, strains, injury occurrence, lost time, restricted Duty, and workers compensation costs. Customers will verify significant return on investment. Avoiding one back injury, at an average estimated loss of $24,000, pays for injury prevention for hundreds of workers.

What makes SAVE A BACK effective?

  • RESULTS - Twenty-eight years of reducing body mechanic injuries by 50-90%
  • SKILLS FOR LIFE - Used on and off the job by 380,000 people of all ages and crafts
  • MEDICAL TRAINERS - Taught only by our certified instructors for safety, to prevent the need for medical intervention
  • PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS - Educators engage attendees at any hour required, and long remembered
  • CONTENT - Class is consistent, eye-opening, easily understood, long-remembered
  • NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST - We are not in the business of treating injury, instead we are focused exclusively on prevention
  • WAY OF LIFE - Review system supports a proactive safety culture in a simply healthy way of life
RESULTS tell the story

Call customers to discuss ROI, employee enthusiasm and boost to safety cooperation.

  • More than a quarter of a million people educated in hundreds of companies

EXXON MOBIL CHEMICAL and the coast-to-coast CARGILL grain Division have eliminated back-injury problems since 1993

For 31 years, 408,711 people of all ages, crafts and attitudes have "experienced" our eye-opening class that enables them to return to old challenges with learned skills and positive results. Workers are relieved to trade myths for 'can-do' confidence, seven days a week.

"More than 15,000 workers for HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES use our skills daily, with best results to any training they've had."

  • A program appreciated by workers, managers and unions

With medical expertise, everyday language, teaching talent, and humor, professional educators teach how the body works. Once employees understand the fundamental basis of why injures happen, they desire to learn how to stay healthy. With our program, we enable them to immediately improve back health.

What Kind of Service Will get the Results You're Looking For?

  • A partnership with ongoing support system

SAVE A BACK is a comprehensive scientifically based service for the improvement of lifelong back health. It is proven to reduce aches, sprains, injuries, and financial losses. Our proprietary class of real-life body mechanic education, movement skills, and self-help techniques are easily understood by all. This program is useful immediately and is supported with a two-year review system.

The two-year review system begins with an onsite program and is followed up by supportive resources. Original materials are available digitally or can be sent at scheduled intervals for active, creative review that maximizes frequent use of skills, safety improvements and personal confidence.

Refresher programs after the first two years and at two-year intervals maintain success of the program.

  • Engages employees in enjoyable and motivational learning

The unique class content and talented educators prove the back's innate strength. This is in opposition to the general idea that the back is vulnerable. Explained in user-friendly terms why the back is strong, participants are engaged by the commonality of their individual physical experience.

The intensity of the relationship of the information presented in combination with personal experience compels active participation in SAVE A BACK's supportive learning environment. Inevitably sending the student attendee to the front of the room to take out line up asking questions of their instructor. Active listening leads to understanding, adding real life experience is learning.

We have the ability to transform the newly acquired understanding that the employees receive into skills that avoid injury. This makes us recipients of the highest ratings from workers, unions and managers who often have silent back problems.

  • Makes an indelible impression and give long term benefits

A smelter employee wrote on his class evaluation: "The most worthwhile program I have ever been to. Why haven't we had this sooner?"

Our program helps prevent injury, stops the cycle of repetitive problems and proves to people they can work smarter and safer. Companies appreciate our energizing, consistent curriculum, the medical credibility of our instructors and our inclusive support system. Coast to coast SAVE A BACK enhances a progressively positive safety culture.

How Can You Provide the Best for Your Workers?

  • Reduce painful and costly back injuries on and off the job

Chronic injuries at WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE have stopped since our education.

Many times the way a job has to be performed can't be changed. This risk is addressed through the inclusion of operational challenges in the solution-based portion of each individualized program. Discussion of application of SAVE A BACK skills produces a formula for success in all situations.

  • Improve overall health and well being

"No injury among thousands of aging, union STEELWORKERS using their newly acquired injury-prevention skills daily on the production floor, and at home."

SAVE A BACK education assists in building a "Culture of Safety" by supporting people to achieve healthy work behaviors by producing safe work environments. The roles and responsibilities of every individual include facilitating the implementation of elements taught during class for inclusion in the overall safe work plan.

Each individual implements safe movement choices and other key interventions provided by SAVE A BACK. Self-responsibility encourages active on-the-job peer support of co-workers on the safety elements. In the program the instructor acts as a resource, coach, and leader assisting in monitoring and informally evaluating participants as they perform the key elements of SAVE A BACK.

Because of the education provided, students have the ability to share knowledge gained with co-workers and in their circle of influence off the job.

  • Teach them how to have a healthy back for life

SAVE A BACK is education that is interactive, well organized and entertaining. Using everyday language, our program dispels unsafe back use, teaches medical basis of optimal back use, and safe body mechanics for all movement. Participants learn easy, effective skills specific to personal back "health" and the impact of positive lifestyle choices on daily wellness. We enable people to make safest choices for all tasks and enjoy a pain-free back, resulting in a happier, healthier life.

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